Hands On: Run a Self-Managed Connector in Docker; Confluent Package Outdated


Cannot create java.config via clonfluent CLI command as the command is not recognized


In step 1 for installing the confluent CLI, replace 7.1 with 7.2, and 7.1.1 with 7.2.6

Additionally, I had to pass the api key and secret explicitly in the command from step 14 because they were not automatically populated in config.json for the schema registry cluster configs like they were for the kafka cluster configs.


In this tutorial, step 14 says to run command:

confluent kafka client-config create java --sr-apikey --sr-apisecret <sr API secret> | tee $HOME/.confluent/java.config

The issue is that confluent CLI version 2.6.X is shipped with confluent platform 7.1.1 installed in step 1.

Discovered that confluent CLI does not have the client-config command until confluent CLI version 2.7.