KNet: the .NET API mirror for Apache Kafka

Hello to everyone,
I want to introduce to you our project KNet: it mirrors the Apache Kafka Java/Scala APIs in .NET.
KNet uses directly the APIs available from the official Apache Kafka artifacts from Maven: to simplify it directly use JVM from .NET. With the approach of KNet every new feature, bug solved, improvements are immediately available without wait third party implementations (test/fix) of the client/server protocol, moreover the documentation is shared because the APIs are exactly the same. Meanwhile KNet project is introducing .NET style APIs to fit more on .NET world.
Probably the most notable feature is Apache Kafka Streams available in .NET; there is also a CLI interface able to execute the same command-line commands available in the Apache Kafka release (i.e. the scripts under bin folder).

What do you think about our project and its approach?

The project is hosted in GitHub and there are ready-made packages in NuGet (one is MASES.KNet).