PowerShell client for Apache Kafka

Hi all,
recently we released the first version of KNetPS (KNet for PowerShell): a PowerShell module with the ability to produce to and consume from an Apache Kafka cluster.
The code is available on GitHub - masesgroup/KNet: .NET gateway for Apache Kafka APIs providing all features: Producer, Consumer, Admin, Streams, Connect, backends (ZooKeeper and Kafka)., while the downlodable module for PowerShell is published on PowerShell Gallery | MASES.KNetPS 1.4.4.
Until now we added only few APIs. If you think that it is an interesting client, write a comment here or open an issue on Issues · masesgroup/KNet · GitHub.
The module comes with other ready-made cmdlets: the full list is available in KNet/usagePS.md at 21a030bbae8e40e30e28be80ac9526d2766ef9da · masesgroup/KNet · GitHub.