API error while retrieving clusters

I am attempting to pull a list of all clusters on our cloud Confluent hosted Kafka servers. I am calling the following urls:


I have added the following headers:

Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Basic base64(key:secret)

I receive the following Error on both urls:

Connection was forcibly closed by a peer.

I have many clusters that each have many topics that, in turn, have many partitions. Is there something else I need to set up? Any help would be appreciated.

Disclaimer: I am new to Confluent and Kafka APIs. Some of what I am doing or saying may not make sense as I do not fully understand the API.

Retrieving clusters:
Confluent REST Proxy API Reference — Confluent Documentation

@TheAlgorist This API is not yet available on Confluent Cloud clusters. I can inform you that this is being rolled out in a phased approach now but I’m not sure of timing for widespread availability.

@rick Thanks! I will just use the nuget package.

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