Control center - browse/show deserialized topic messages


I believe there is not a way to see or browse a topic’s deserialized messages in control center easily since I could not find a way and this doc: Message Browser | Confluent Documentation

I’m new to Kafka and confluent so I’m experimenting and exploring. Is there an easy way to browse deserialized messages? Also, is there a known timeline on being able to show/browse the deserialized message based on the schema in the schema registry?

Additional detail is I’m serializing using protobuf.

Long Mai

Hi Long,

I don’t have any info on timelines, but you may be able to use the kafka-protobuf-console-consumer for what you are trying to do. You can find more details here: Protobuf Schema Serializer and Deserializer | Confluent Documentation


Thanks for sharing that. I found that link too as a workaround. I also found another app called kowl that seems promising possibly to supplement the control center. I would like the tooling to be all in one place however.