Navigation could be easier

Some type of hierarchical side bar, or at least bread navigation bread crumbs would be great. Right now it seems a bit difficult to move around to different categories and posts.

Yeah, I know what you mean. I think it’s just how Discourse is, and by personalising the categories one is interested in and using the latest or unread views, or navigating back to the categories page and going from there one can get used to it soon enough.

However - I could be wrong, and perhaps and just fouled up the config (quite possible!). There’s lots of Discourse-based forums out there (e.g. Elastic,, etc) - perhaps have a look at their nav and report back if any are set u i

How about a page like this one? This would provide a quick view of the latest messages, regardless of category, for those who are just trying to keep an eye on things, and you can still choose a category from the selector at the top of the page, or using the category links below each post.

Hmm… I see that we have that now, with Latest. I wonder if that might be better for the default though.

Yeah this is the thing. Each user can set their own default, but if we set it as the default for the forum then new users will just be presented with a list of topics, which I think will be more confusing than a list of categories to navigate.

This isn’t fixed though, so happy to see if we can come up with a smoother way for all users.